Planning and production department

Head of Department

Lavochnik Elena Leonidovna

Лавочник Елена Леонидовна 



The planning and production department is an independent structural subdivision of Teploelektroproekt JSC, belongs to the administrative and management personnel.

The main tasks and responsibilities of the department are:

-implementation of timely and high-quality planning and economic analysis for production contracts (facilities), scope of work, cost, labor costs, production program in terms of planning for facilities.
-improving the forms and systems of labor remuneration in order to increase the material interest of workers in the final results of labor, the creation of favorable working conditions and the improvement of the production culture.
-coordination of the activities of the structural units of Teploelektroproekt JSC in the field of labor management, wages and production management.
-timely preparation and verification of estimates for the design and estimate documentation, preparation and signing of contracts with Customers and subcontract organizations, execution of acts of acceptance of completed work, coordination of the cost of work with the Customer.
-monthly monitoring of deviations of planned and actual labor costs, and other indicators that affect the formation of cost.
-development of internal regulations (norms of costs for the production of R & D, costing for the provision of other types of services).
-timely and high-quality execution of orders, orders, regulations, regulations and other documents.

the work is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the standard
ISO 9001: 2008 and developed QMS documents