PIC and estimates department

Head of Department

Lyubomirskaya Marina Valerievna

Любомирская Марина Валерьевна



The POS and Estimates Department ensures the development of estimate documentation in accordance with projects agreed with customers and contractors on the planned volume of construction and installation works.
The department in its activity is guided by: current legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan and resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan; Requirements of the corresponding ShNK, KMK, SNIP; model projects, price lists, estimated standards; orders, directives and directives of SJSC “Uzbekenergo”, the State Committee for Architecture and Architecture of the Republic of Uzbekistan; ISO 9001-2000 series standards and other regulatory documents.

The department takes part in the preparation, transfer to the Customer of estimate documentation in a timely manner according to the contract. The head of the department participates in the protection of estimate documentation in the State Expertise (at the OTE, feasibility study, RP) stage.