Department of geophysics and seismology

Head of Department

Yun Georgiy Alekseevich

Юн Георгий Алексеевич

Department functions:

Exploration work more economical and advanced drilling geophysical methods

Seismic microzoning (SMR) of the territories of particularly important industrial facilities.

Tasks solved by the department:

1. Geotechnical:

lithological division of the section
determination of the groundwater level and watering of the territories;
identification of zones of soil softening and zones of water filtration;
the study of tectonics of the location of industrial facilities.
2. Seismic micro zoning:

clarification of the seismic intensity of the industrial object location;
clarification of the seismic hazard level of the industrial facility location;
study of soil behavior in earthquakes and explosions, their impact on buildings and structures.
3. Electrochemical protection of underground utilities and facilities

survey for ECP;
designing an ECP.
4. The study of the technical condition of metal structures, tanks.