Department of ecology

Head of Department

Homova Tatyana Viktorovna

Хомова Татьяна Викторовна

Organized at JSC TEP in 1995.
Department, according to the current legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan:

carries out an environmental impact assessment (EIA) of the projected objects of economic activity;

develops standards for emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere, discharges and waste of enterprises of various industries;
ensures the passage of EIA materials and environmental standards of environmental impact assessment;

develops regulatory documents on environmental protection;
conducts environmental audits of enterprises.

The department is equipped with modern programs of the Ecologist series for calculating emissions and dispersion of pollutants, conducting acoustic calculations and determining the size of sanitary protection zones.

Specialists of the department participated in the Canadian International Development Agency CIDA / IPAC Program on training specialists of the Caspian region in the field of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, underwent refresher courses on environmental impact assessment and environmental assessment under the grant of the International Development Fund for capacity building in environmental management IDF Grant No. 27392), have certificates in the field of environmental protection, EIA and the clean development mechanism (CDM):

Asian Development Bank No. 2859-UZB “Strengthening environmental organizations”;
Russian University of Chemical Technology D.I. Mendeleev (Moscow);
Institute of Advanced Studies in Ecology "Integral" (St. Petersburg);
Moscow Association for Environmental Education;
The national authority on the CDM and the UNDP project “Capacity Building for Clean Development in Uzbekistan”;
CIDA / IPAC “Environmental Management in Implementing Projects under the Clean Development Mechanism and Joint Implementation (JI / CDM)”;
CIDA / IPAC JI / CDM Basics: Key Concepts and Procedures.