Department of automated control systems

Head of Department

Kolosova Alexandra Sergeevna

 Колосова Александра Сергеевна

The department performs:
Coordination of the adopted technological decisions on all objects projected at the institute,
Coordination of design decisions with accessory companies (ORGRES (Tashkent)), equipment manufacturers and the Customer (business trips to the site).
Participation in technical meetings with the leadership, in SJSC "Uzbekenergo".
Coordination of the TOR with the manufacturer.
Training young professionals.
Verification of the released project documentation.
The department’s work includes the development of functional schemes for the automation of technological processes, structural diagrams of control and monitoring, structural diagrams of a complex of technical means, basic electric circuits of control, automatic regulation, control, interlocking, protection and signaling, basic power diagrams, external connection diagrams, pipe wiring diagrams , general views of shields and panels, wiring diagrams for low-voltage switchgear, automation equipment placement plans, control cable logs, non-standard drawings are set Application of automation (development tasks plant for the manufacture of the GCC), custom specifications for automation, driven equipment and incomplete deliveries of materials, budget calculation.