Department of hydraulic structures

 Head of department 

  1. Design of technical water supply systems for thermal power plants
    Water intakes
    Pumping stations are circulating, block, coastal, drainage, clarified water, etc.
    Pressure and drainage circvodovodov, thermal power plants, additional water supply conduits with structures on them.
    Drains of the TPP territory
    Coolers (cooling towers, spray pools, etc.)
    Open inlet and outlet channels
    Sludges, pulp dumps, etc.
    Compilation of water balances
    Hydraulic calculations of water supply systems and GZU.
    Design of systems for external hydraulic ash removal (GZU).
    Gold pipes
    Ash dumps with fencing dams, anti-seepage screen, piezometric grid, KIA, adjustable gold pipe through dams with pulp releases.
    Constructions of the return water system (in the circulating cycle) of clarified water (mine and stepped spillways), water conduits of clarified water from the ash and slag waste to the clarified water pumping stations, pumped clarified water
    The water conduits of the clarified water from the NOV to the boiler department of TPP.