Building department

Head of Department
Krivopalova Lyudmila Aleksandrovna

Кривопалова Людмила Александров


   The construction department ensures the development of design and estimate documentation of high quality for newly designed and reconstructed thermal power plants, boiler houses, substations with all main and auxiliary facilities and communications, selects optimal technical solutions at all design stages and out-of-stage works, issues tasks to specialized departments for the development of sections and parts of TPP projects, boiler houses, substations.

   In all design developments, the department provides a high technical level and high economic efficiency of the projected energy facilities. This is achieved by maximizing the use of the latest achievements of science and technology, automated process control systems so that enterprises under construction and reconstruction are technically advanced at the time of their entry into production and have high rates of labor productivity, production cost and product quality, ensured the greatest increase products for each spent unit of capital investments and the conditions of work and life meet modern requirements.

   All employees of the construction department have computer skills, two employees have been trained and have experience in the PDMS three-dimensional design system.