Electrotechnical department

Head of Department
Salyamov Abduvali Kakhkharovich

Салямов Абдували Каххарович

Develops the electrical part of the projects:

-wiring diagrams
-electrical equipment,
-cable management,
-electric lighting
-relay protection
-control and automation of elements of the main scheme and own needs.


In all design developments, the electrical engineering department provides a high technical level and high economic efficiency of the projected energy facilities by:

1. Optimal location of enterprises in industrial hubs with the highest possible common auxiliary production, engineering and transport communications, with a single system of consumer services for workers, and, in each specific case, with cooperation in regional facilities necessary for neighboring manufacturing enterprises.

2. Maximum unification and typification of design solutions, the use of catalogs, albums of typical building structures, parts, assemblies and fixtures, so that the development of working drawings is as much as possible reduced to the drawing up of installation plans and cuts with references to the specified albums.